Purchase Info

How Can I Purchase a Kohles Building Lot?

Most building sites are available for purchase. Contact Carol Kohles, CRS, Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group, Realtors, 515-770-4692.

Kohles Homes has reserved lots for custom homes. Call or e-mail to make arrangements as to the availability of these custom home sites. All other sites are for sale to builders. Prior to purchase, the builder will need to review the construction covenants. Additionally, the builder will need to call the Kohles Homes office for any other specifics that would apply to purchasing of the home site or to city DNR requirements, during the construction period. The latest information on building sites are on all plats. Prices and availability on all sites may change without notice.

How Can I Purchase a Kohles Home?

Kohles Homes builds a variety of homes style in many price ranges. Generally pricing is from the $350,000 range to over $1,000,000. There are two ways in which to purchase your new home.

For-Sale Homes

These homes are a combination of all popular features from all the homes that we have built. The attention to the latest detail and trends in housing will be found in these homes. Typically we incorporate these innovations into our 2-story and 1 ½ story plans. These homes may currently be under construction and available for purchase. Should the house plan or building site not be exactly what the customer wants, a semi-custom home would then be discussed. In this scenario, Kohles Homes and the customer would meet and look at potential building sites and then selecting the most appropriate site for the customer. The “For Sale” floor plan and elevations are then modified to suit the customer’s needs.

Custom Homes

The final scenario is a custom built home. These higher-end homes generally take more time and effort to create and build. At Kohles Homes our goal is to listen to our customer’s thoughts and ideas.

Prior to drafting of the blueprint, the customer and Kohles Homes determine a building site based on the customers needs. The ideas are then discussed for feasibility and costs. Typically, the plan drafting phase is a 3-step process. The 1st step being the concept plan which is a combination of all the initial ideas, total square footage, elevation and other details are pulled together. Our customer then reviews this plan privately and incorporates further ideas and questions for the 2nd meeting.

At the second meeting the customer and builder further discusses feasibility of any new ideas and costs. Kohles Homes then generates the 2nd drawing. The home plan now is nearly complete. Kohles Homes recommends one last meeting with the homeowner to review all floor plans which now incorporate all elevations and details of the home.

The 3rd draft generates the final draft and at this meeting the final decisions on all the specifications that are part of the home are discussed. This final meeting is also a review of the final plans and specs that will become part of the contract for the new home. A contract review is discussed as well as the customer’s time to start and appropriate completion time. If at that time all of the customer’s questions about the project are answered the contract is signed and the customer provides the security deposit check. The process from the initial meeting to contract is approximately 6 weeks.

The construction schedule varies based on many factors. The time of year, when we start, weather conditions and other factors could affect the schedule. Most homes will fit a 6-month total construction schedule. A general outline of this schedule is generated prior to construction to allow for the homeowners to select the allowance items within the time frame of the construction schedule. Kohles Homes will oversee and facilitate all facets of this process.

We look forward to working with you on whatever construction method that works for you. Thank you for your interest in Kohles Homes.